Sherry Fisher Photography | About
Concert, nature & animal photography are what makes my camera smile.
You may ask how I got started photographing Smooth Jazz Artists? Well... my fascination with cameras started when I was a child. Both my grandfather & great grandfather were camera bugs & it must have worn off on me. I started with box cameras, and through the years have used Polaroids, film, compact digital cameras and now use a digital SLR camera.
I had been very interested in photographing animals, especially zoo animals before I was introduced to Smooth Jazz. A friend had taken some photos at a festival and I thought I could take photos of musicians also. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.... There are mike stands, spotlights in your face & security guards whose mission is to keep you from taking those photos! It has been fun though the years & I’ve learned a lot & hopefully gotten better at getting those shots.
My photos have been used by Smooth Jazz Artists on their websites,
published on their CDs, used by Smooth Jazz Radio Stations, Concert Promoters and in Smooth Jazz News Magazine since it started. Many of the Smooth Jazz Musicians I can now call friend, so far they still like me! So enjoy your time here and drop me a line.
For info about photography services for Artist/band photos for cd, website, social networking, etc. please contact me via email.
Also I have 2 store sites where you can purchase a variety of Jazz motif apparel & gift ideas, plus other non-jazz related products. Designs are taken from photos of grape vines, landscapes & animals. & Cafe sites have different merchandise offerings-so be sure to check them out! My annual Smooth JazzArt Calendar is available from Cafe Press, which features my photography of Smooth Jazz artists in performance, the quality and size make it a must have!